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Boat Windshields / Venturi Screens

Replacement Boat Windshields and Windscreens

We are the industries best when it comes to making replacement boat windshields, venturi screens and windscreens. Servicing customers all across the country, we can take your existing windshield or frame and make a beautiful new replica in just a few short weeks. Don't have a windshield? We may still be able to help. Our growing inventory of molds makes it possible to produce windshields even when one doesn't exist. We can also use the frames to your missing or broken windshield to create a mold and form new windows. We regularly replace broken TaylorMade glass windshields at a fraction of the cost. Call or email us today to discuss your situation.

Windshield Gallery

Acrylic Domes / Polycarbonate Domes

Plastic Domes Huge Plastic Dome

Our plastic domes have been used in everything from submersibles, to robots...and even a martini glass in a burlesque show. Ranging in size from 2" diameter up to 48" diameter we are able to manufacture acrylic and polycarbonate domes rapidly and affordably. Acrylic domes can be produced to a height half that of the diameter. Polycarbonate domes can be produced to a height 1/3 the diameter. Our domes come with a standard flange that can be removed or have holes drilled in them at an additional cost. Acrylic domes can be produced in virtually any available color up to 1/2" thick.

Cal or email us today to get pricing on the plastic domes your project requires.

Dome Gallery

CNC Routering & CNC Machining

CNC routed acrylic display

The Plastics Guy offers CNC routing and laser cutting services with fast turnaround times. Our equipment can cnc route materials ranging from 0.030" thick up to 2" using digital vector/AutoCad files. Don't have a digital file for your creation? No problem! We can help you with the design and conversion to a .dxf, .dwg, .ai, .svg or .pdf file. CNC routing plastics is the perfect way to create precise, consistent parts you can rely on.
The Plastics Guy can CNC route acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate, HDPE, UHMW, PVC, Sintra, Nylon, Wood, and much more.
Whether you need 1 part or 100,000 parts, we have the tools to do the job.

CNC Gallery

Signage, Logo's & Letters

Acrylic cnc cut letters acrylic letters for a sign

Many local sign shops use The Plastics Guy as a source for dimensional cut acrylic lettering, CNC cut logo's and plastic sign components. Using our state of the art CNC machine we can cut precision lettering, logo's and sign components quickly and affordably. With a crew willing to work through the night, we are able to offer short lead times without compromising on quality. Even DIY customers have used The Plastics Guy to elevate their game at home, just like this awesome sign our customer made for his first born son.

Signage, Logo's & Letters Gallery

ATI Laminates

ATI Laminates Interior Design Materials Northern California

ATI's phenomenal line up of NuMetal, MirroFlex Structures and Fusion laminate material will expand your interior design materials repertoire far beyond the competition.These gorgeous and easy to install laminates transform spaces from ordinary to extraordinary at a fraction of the cost of most high end design materials. Ideal for use in wall and furniture customization and commonly used in Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels, Office spaces and residential remodels, these products can be ordered in dozens of colors and textures. Check out our Gallery for product and installation pics.

ATI Laminates Gallery

Plastic Fabrication

Custom Fabricated Robotic Housing

The Plastics Guy offers custom plastic fabrication services in Sacramento for businesses and individuals across the country. From single prototypes to production runs, we love making fabricated parts. Fabrication includes heat bending, solvent bonding, edge finishing (sanding, buffing, flame polishing), drilling, and even digital printing. Our team regularly produces parts for recreational equipment, POP displays, food plant conveyor systems and office signage (check out our reclaimed wood and acrylic signs). We have the capability to produce high end fabricated parts and products right here in Sacramento at an affordable price.

Fabrication Gallery

Plastics Cut-To-Size

Don't need a full sheet or looking for hard to find plastics? The Plastics Guy can provide you with an exact cut to size piece of almost anything you are looking for. If it's not on our shelf (and actually exists) we can source it for you. Cut to Size Plexiglass/Acrylic, ABS, HDPE, UHMW, polycarbonate, foam PVC (Sintra), Acetal and more.

The Plastics Guy manufacturers replacement boat windshields, boat windscreens and venturi screens for nearly every make and model. We are the nations fastest growing family owned and operated producer of discontinued, custom and classic boat windshields. For more information about our replacement boat windshields services please call 1-916-728-8264 and speak with Brett.

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