Replacement Boat Windshields

Vintage Boat Windshield - 1959 Dorsett Windshield

Vintage Boat Windshields

At The Plastics Guy, we take great care in the reproduction of replacement vintage boat windshields. As enthusiasts ourselves, restoring vintage American boats like Chris Crafts, Dorsetts, Glasspars, Glastrons, Larsons and more is more than our passion, it's an addiction. We are members of the Golden State Glassics and The Fiberglassics and are active restorers of classic boats. If you are looking for a company that will take as much pride in restoring your classic or vintage boat windshield give us a call today.

Venturi Screens

A Venturi Screen is the acrylic windscreen located on the Fly Bridge of larger boats. Typically venturi screens are made of tinted acrylic and consist of multiple pieces of formed acrylic joined together by metal framework. At The Plastics Guy we are able to take your original or pieces of your existing venturi screen and create glistening new panels that often look better than the factory ones. We have also created venturi screens from scratch  where the originals were lost and completely missing. Installation services are available for yachts in California at an additional fee.

Replacement Taylor Made Windshields - Glass Boat Windshields

Replacing a Taylor Made or Glass boat windshield can be a headache and incredibly expensive. At The Plastics Guy we are able to make crystal clear acrylic boat windshields to replace discontinued Taylor Made glass windshields and several other glass boat windshields such as Crestliner and Tracker windshields. We have molds for numerous Taylor Made and Track discontinued windshields and can produce replacement acrylic windshields for your original glass windshield at a fraction of the cost. Call today for details.

Jet boat Windscreens

Jet boats like the 1970's Tahiti day Cruisers and Spectra's typically have a low profile windscreen that flares towards the bow. Ranging in color from smoked to blue to hot pink, we are able to form replacement jet boat windscreens with or without an original. We can also source replacement deck gaskets and mounting hardware if you are missing them. View our picture gallery to see some of the many jet boat windscreens we have produced.

Simply the Best!!!

 You may find our competitors popping up ahead of us when you Google Search Plastic Boat Windshields, Replacement Boat windshields plexiglass, or Taylormade boat windshield replacements but none of them will provide you with the same level of customer service or go the extra mile to ensure your 100% satisfied with your replacement boat windshield like we will. We treat our customers like family and help to provide you with all the tools and knowledge you will need to take great care of your new windshield. From installation tips to drilling and polishing supplies we are here to help. Ask us about our Novus Plastic Polishing kits when you order. They are the only plastic care product we recommend. Don't forget we are pro's at helping customers with large boats replace their flybridge windscreens too.

Boat Windshield Care and Maintenance

The Plastics Guy is a stocking distributor for Novus Plastic Care Polishes and Cleaners. With regular use and proper care, Novus products can help keep your windshield looking brand new for years to come. Unlike glass windshields, plastic windshields should NEVER BE CLEANED WITH WINDEX or other ammonia based cleaners.  Ammonia will break down the plastic and cause crazing or haziness in your windshields that can not be repaired. Call to speak with us about proper care for your windshield. We would love to help.