CNC Routing Services in Sacramento

What is CNC routing?

A CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine developed from the hand held router. CNC stands for computer numerical control. In basic English that means that a computer reads a series of numbered coordinates and moves the router to those locations in a series. CNC routers can perform the tasks of many fabrication shop machines with incredible precision and near perfect consistency.

Our CNC machine is a flat bed router which is able to cut in 3 dimensions; x-axis, y-axis and z-axis. Some CNC machines can cut in 4, 5 or even 6 dimensions.

How to use a CNC?

Our CNC router functions by reading a language galled "G-Code." G-Code is a coordinate system developed decades ago to guide CNC cutting tools along a path necessary to cut parts. To generate G-Code we take your vector files and use a software program call V-Carve Pro to set the tool path parameters. Once the tool path parameters are set, V-Carve automatically creates a set of G-Codes that will tell our router how to cut your parts. Once the G-Code is created, we transfer it over to the PC that controls our router and upload it to Mach3. Mach3 is the software that controls our router directly. CNC Machining allows us to produce near perfect components for plastic fabrication work. It is why we are the premier CNC routing service Sacramento and continue to grow nationwide.

What we need to CNC

In order to CNC route your parts we will need some type of digital CAD file.  You don't need to be a drafter or engineer for us to do this.  Some folks have software that enables them to create CAD files like .dxf, or vector files like .eps, .ai or .pdf. If you are able to send us these file types it makes our job a little easier. But if YOU DON'T HAVE ACCESS to software that creates CAD files, we can make them for you.

Our skilled plastic fabrication team can work with you in developing drawings and converting them to CAD files for CNC machining, often times in less than a day. There is an added design fee for this service, but it's often well worth it. CNC Routing service Sacramento

Materials We Cut

The Plastics Guy offers fast CNC routing services cutting plastics, wood and ACP similar to DiBond. We have two precision flat bed cnc routers that can cut materials up to 2" thick as large as 49" x 97".

Our precision CNC machining produces high quality finishes and parts that hold tolerance within 0.004" for exceptional plastic fabrication. From small prototype runs to large scale production, we can produce quality parts fast and efficiently. CNC routing Service Sacramento

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Turn Around Times

Typically, we ask for 1 to 2 weeks to CNC route parts depending on the quantity and complexity.  We do, however, offer expedited services at an additional charge and are able to do same day turn around in certain circumstances.

We support local businesses in Sacramento and offer competitive pricing to sign shops, resellers, family owned and minority owned businesses.