Plastic Domes

Acrylic Domes

Acrylic Domes can be produced in sizes from 2" diameter up to 48" diameter with a maximum height of half the diameter. Our equipment is capable of making domes with material as thin as 1/8" and as thick as 1/2". Most folks order domes in 3/16" or 1/4" thicknesses. A standard acrylic dome will come with a 1" flange that can be removed at an additional cost.

Polycarbonate Domes

Polycarbonate domes are trickier to form than acrylic domes and require the material be dried for up to 12 hours in our ovens prior to forming. Polycarbonate  absorbs moisture which can vaporize during heating and cause bubbles. This results in a higher cost of production. Polycarbonate domes only come as thick as 1/4" with a max height 33% that of the diameter.

How to Order Domes

To place an order or receive a quote for your plastic dome project, simply email the size(s) {height and diameter}, color, material type and quantities to or call (916) 728-8264 for assistance.

Plastic Domes in other materials

In addition to forming plastic acrylic domes and polycarbonate domes, we can also form large plastic domes and small plastic domes in other materials such as ABS, Kydex, polystyrene and Sintra. Contact us today if you have a more complex dome need that must be discussed. We are plastic fabrication experts.

(916) 728-8264

Video - Blow molding acrylic dome

The video is a little wobbly but this is a nice view into how an acrylic dome is blow molded.