Plastic Cleaners, Drill Bits, Domes

Plastics Cleaning & Care

Plastics Cleaning & Care

Plastics Cleaning & Care


The Plastics Guy is a Novus Plastic Polish stocking distributor.  Novus Plastic care products are the industry's finest and used in plastics shops all over the world to care for our acrylic products. 

These 3-part plastic polish kits are perfect for daily cleaning and removal of fine to moderate scratches.


Novus #1 - Clean & Shine

Novus #2 - Fine Scratch Remover 

Novus #3 - Heavy Scratch Remover

See below for pricing on individual units and our pre-packed plastic care kits.

Stock Acrylic Domes

Plastics Cleaning & Care

Plastics Cleaning & Care


We stock a few standard and commonly used domes in clear acrylic. All stock domes come with a 1" flange and are blown to a height half that of the diameter. Stock domes can be shipped out in 2 business days or less via UPS ground.

Stock Dome Sizes &  Cost

24" Diameter - $150

22" Diameter - $130

18" Diameter - $110

12" Diameter - $70

8" Diameter - $50 (order minimum)

**If you need more than one dome please check availability. Orders can be emailed to

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner


Brillianize Plastic Cleaner is SAFE...

Non- toxic, safe to use around people and pets, environmentally friendly and can clean ALL hard shiny surfaces.

This product is the #1 choice of plastic fabricators, professionals and enthusiasts (Like Jay Leno).


Brillianize Plastic Polish is specially formulated to clean and protect acrylic, glass, formica, Lexan, Lucite, Plexiglas, stainless steel, chrom, bright metal and all hard shiny surfaces. It is all 100% made in the USA. Buying Brillianize supports jobs in America.

We stock 8 oz. bottles in our showroom that sell for $6.50 each and can fill special orders in the 32 oz. and 1 gallon bottles upon request.

Call 916-728-8264, email or stop buy our shop to purchase.

Plastics Drill Bits

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner

Brillianize Plastic Cleaner


When drilling plastic it is critical that you use a proper drill bit. Using drill bits that are designed for use on wood, laminates and metal can increase the likelihood of cracking the plastic or having blow outs on the back side.  The Plastics guy stocks drill bits specifically designed for use on acrylic and polycarbonate in all fractional sizes from 1/16" up to 1/2" and can special order in larger sizes. Plastic drill bits are specially manufactured to produce smooth holes in acrylic. The special Tip Angle allows for gradual penetration of material thus eliminating damage to back side of material. Don't forget to order your drill bit when placing a windshield order!


Price List - Plastic Scratch Removers & Drill Bits

Please email orders to or call 916-728-8264