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Plastics Fabrication, CNC Routing, Boat Windshields, Airstream Rock Guards

Plastics Fabrication, CNC Routing, Boat Windshields, Airstream Rock Guards

Plastics Fabrication, CNC Routing, Boat Windshields, Airstream Rock GuardsPlastics Fabrication, CNC Routing, Boat Windshields, Airstream Rock GuardsPlastics Fabrication, CNC Routing, Boat Windshields, Airstream Rock Guards

Design Interiors with style - ati decorative wall laminates


NuMetal™ is a collection of HPLs (High Pressure Laminates) with a  real metal surface and phenolic paper backing. NuMetal sheets are  usually 4’ x 8’ (4’ x 10’ available on special order) in Aluminum, Copper, Real Stainless Steel, or Unique Art;  featuring embossing, hand painting, etching, and other innovative  techniques to enhance the look of metals. High quality design solutions  are its trademark. NuMetal is suitable for vertical and light-duty  horizontal applications.

ATI distributes NuMetal to hospitality, healthcare and institutional,  retail, and commercial design markets. As experts in surfaces that  remain abrasion resistant, in addition to performance, NuMetal products  meet safety and material standards.

Why Choose NuMetal?

  • Abrasion Resistant Properties 
  • Real Metal Surfaces 
  • Variety of Metal & Handmade Artistic Customizations 
  • Suitable for a Variety of Applications 
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities


MirroFlex™ Structures are 3-dimensional, thermoplastic decorative wall laminates and ceiling tiles that are available in hundreds of pattern and finish  combinations. MirroFlex offers design flexibility and is suitable for  walls in both 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′, wainscoting, and backsplash panels.  MirroFlex also offers great alternatives to tin and acoustic ceilings  with lay-in and glue-up ceiling tiles available in 2′ x2′ and 2′ x 4′  sizes.  MirroFlex plastic wall laminate is lightweight, impact and abrasion resistant, stain  resistant, Class A fire rated, and is easy to install over most  substrates including drywall. Many designs come with our BIO (Built-In-Overlap)  system that makes installation easy and creates a less visible seam.  With competitive price points, no minimum order quantities, and quick  turnaround times – MirroFlex is a great solution for your interior design needs and modern interior design ideas.

Why Choose MirroFlex?

Lightweight & Flexible 

Easy to Install 

High Impact, Abrasion, & Chemical Resistant Properties 

Hundreds of Design Combinations Available 

Custom Capabilities 

No Minimum Order Quantities & Short Lead Times 

Economical Packaged Shipping to Any Job Site


ATI’s Fusion program allows for the combination of art or graphics  with an array of suitable substrates. Choose custom or stock imagery  from our Idea Library or supply your own art to be combined with our  varied assortment of adaptable, durable substrates – from fiberglass  reinforced plastics to woods and metals.

Fusion offers solutions for the commercial interior design industry  and provides architectural elements for use in healthcare,  institutional, hospitality, educational, and retail installations. With  over a dozen substrate options, we can help create a custom decorative  surfacing solution for your application that can be used as wall art,  decorative wall protection, large-scale murals, wall dividers, custom  millwork, or point of purchase displays. Fusion works for all projects  big or small with our low minimum order quantities and short lead times.  With Fusion, your imagination is the limit.

Why Choose Fusion?

  • Easy-to-Install Directly Over Most Surfaces
  • No Counterbalancing Required for Unbacked Metals
  • High Impact, Abrasion, & Chemical Resistant Properties
  • Over a Dozen Substrate Options Available
  • Hundreds of Stock Images Available
  • Custom Capabilities
  • Low Minimum Order Quantities
  • Short Lead Times

Installation Instructions

Click here to find all the installation resources available on ATI's website. We highly encourage reading through the instructions prior to starting.

Catalog's and Literature

Click here to download catalog's and literature related to all of these wonderful products. Each Catalog will list the available colors and finishes.

Need Help?

If you would like a little help choosing the best ATI Laminate product for your project call or email us today to schedule an appointment. We also love to do lunch and learns to help train your staff.