Custom Acrylic Furniture Components

Polished Cast Acrylic Coffee Table base

Acrylic Furniture Components

The Plastics Guy is the perfect partner for the outsourcing of high quality acrylic furniture components. We are experts in manufacturing thick acrylic table bases, acrylic news studio desk tops, corporate event furniture and stage components. Our processes produce near flawless edge finishes that will lift your products to the next level, surpassing the expectations or your demanding clientelle.

Our Process

When dealing with the expectations of high end clients, the first step in creating an acrylic furniture product that impresses is the material. We use only the highest quality cast acrylic materials that have proven themselves to have little to no imperfections, polish to a crystal clear finish and stand up to the test of time. After reviewing our customers designs, our team will analyze the requirements and make suggestions for improvement, if any need to be made. Once we are given the green light to begin productions, material is chosen based on quality and enters the plastic fabrication production line. The first stop is our flat bed CNC router where individual component shapes are cut. After routing, the components are cleaned and given a second layer of film masking to protect the pieces during production. From here parts are either sent to the mill for the drilling & tapping of holes or sent to the sanders to begin our rigorous 10 step edge finishing process.

Edge Finishing

Unlike nearly all overseas producers and 95% of our competitors, The Plastics Guy team will never flame polish acrylic furniture components. While flame polishing is a quick and easy way to create a glossy edge finish, it destabilizes the material making it prone to crazing and it leaves a waviness that can easily be seen in typical interior lighting situations. 

Here at The Plastics Guy we ONLY buff polish acrylic furniture components, leaving the edges so glossy and pristine that not a bump or scratch can be seen. The process begins by using an orbital sander to smooth out the edges from an aggressive 320 grit all the way down to 1000 grit.  This prepares the acrylic edges for buffing using a proprietary buffing rouge blend we have created.

Types of Acrylic Furniture

While the possibilities are endless, typically, we manufacture the following acrylic furniture components: Acrylic coffee table bases, acrylic board room tables, acrylic waterfall end tables, curved acrylic chair backs, acrylic sides for chairs, acrylic steps, acrylic table tops, acrylic desk tops and drawers.

If you have an idea or design you would like us to evaluate and quote please send your designs to and someone will respond to you within 24 hours.


Unless otherwise permitted in writing, The Plastics Guy will not promote, display or advertise client designs. We hold our client creations with a tight lip ensuring they have peace of mind others will not poach their work. As a small, creative business ourselves, our goal is to enhance the opportunities and successes of other small business owners. Keeping their information private is a huge part of that. We apologize in advance for the lack of photos and hope you understand.


On occasion we will help customers with wood CNC routing, as well. Because our equipment is primarily set up for cutting plastics, we sometimes need to charge a small clean up fee, but we are more than happy to help cutting mdf, plywood, maple, bamboo and more.